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Certified forensic analyst training (CFA) : 30 days Forensic Training

Certified forensic analyst training (CFA)

Certified Forensic analyst is course designed by Asian Academy of ethical hacking to make you an expert in security and also in forensic analyst. This course is a complete package for becoming a professional and certified Forensic analyst. This course starts with the study from basics of Database security, network security, operating system security and then this goes on to the advance study of network forensics and professionals ethical hacking. This is a short term course of 30 days that will provide you a detailed study of Forensic analyzing in a short span of time. This course is specially designed for advance learners who want to go into the deep of the network security studies.

What does Certified Forensic Analyst Course Consists of ?

Certifies Forensic Analyst course will help you in developing your skills and knowledge in complex forensic cases, external data breach intrusions, anti forensic techniques that the attackers use, developing security from threats, formal forensic case investigation etc.

What are the different steps that you have to follow against the network forensics, phishing cases, protection against trojan and worms.

This course is specially designed by CDI director Mr. Lovejot Singh who has made it specially for making a person expert in this field.

Why should I join this Course?

There is a wide career opportunities in the information security, network security field. The experts in this particular field are widely appointed by some top most companies in the world. If you are already a person in this field and are now thinking to expand your knowledge skills and become a professional in your work then this is the course for you.

Practical knowledge of every topic is provided with cases to work on. People joining this course in CDI can be provided with the career opportunities and referred to highly reputed companies.

Why Asian Academy of ethical hacking for Course?

There are lots of other companies providing such courses then why only CDI? The reason is that our courses are taught by the professionals that are expert in this field and have been working on lots of cases everyday and have gained a knowledge of more than five years presently. The second thing is that CDI is affordable and charges low then the market prices.

So, why choose others when best in the field are here available for you. So, just contact us now for registering your self in the upcoming batches.

COURSE CONTENT : Forensic analyst

This course will cover the topics of digital forensics :

  • Disk based forensics
  • Network Forensics
  • Data packet analysis
  • Legal issues related to chain of custody & evidence acquisition
  • Browser and USB forensics
  • Memory analysis & windows forensics
  • Volatility and encase (tools) based forensic study.
  • Protocol standards.
  • Firewalls
  • WLAN Security
  • Dead vs Live forensics
  • Computer Investigation process.
  • Investigating attacks
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