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Ethical Hacking and information security 6 weeks Training In Chandigarh

Certified Security – 6 weeks Ethical Hacking and Information Security Training In Chandigarh

Certified Security  is a 6 weeks ethical hacking training and information security course which has been started in our Chandigarh branch.

Ethical hacking is a expert in technology, who is employed by an IT firm or an organization to penetrate into the security of the firm or organization and check the vulnerabilities in the security of the organization. The main difference between the ethical hacker and the black hat hacker is that ethical hacker may also use the same procedure as of black hat hackers but to provide security to the company and not providing any harm to it.

What Is Certified Security Course?

1. Certified Security is an endeavor by AAEH put forward for bringing confidence in the beginners and to change their thought into determination.

2. The course is apt for those who have limited time to put in but want to get the maximum in the field out of their time.

3. This course prepares an individual for confidently putting his first step in the field.

4. The course is for all those who have an idea as to what cyber security is but still need a push and a pat on their back to come forward.



About Certified Security  Training

  • Certified Security  – CSN is formulated in such a way that it turns a learner into a learned.
  • CSN has been designed in such a way that it takes less of your time and gives you the value of your time.
  • CSN covers a wide variety of topics Network security, Firewall, nmap, Packet crafting, wi-fi hacking, Firewall evasion, Backtrack, Web application security, OWASP TOP 10, SANS TOP 20.
  • All the sessions will be divided into parts and thus, every single topic will be dealt efficiently.
  • Aim of CSN is not to attract trainees to come and invest their time and money but to let the pupils come and have the most out of not only their time but also their money because this is the most affordable course of its kind in the field of Cyber Security.
  • Group of experts will work on you.
  • The aim is not to fetch monetary gains but to expand and this is why the course has been put up at really affordable prices and at the same time no compromise will be done on the quality of training.

Why Should I attend this Course?

This course is taught you by the ethical hacking experts who are in this field from more than 5 years and are performing the penetration testings and providing other security services on the daily basis. So, If you are attending this course, this will surely provide a great base for “CAREER” in this field of technology. At an average, more than 10,000 jobs are offered to ethical hackers and security experts per day in India and other parts of world. So, you can imagine what is the benefit of attending this course and becoming a certified ethical hacker.

WHY AAEH for ethical hacking training?

Following are the highlights of the training programs at AAEH:

1. Quality

2. Affordable

3. Expert Guidance

4. Exams

5. Professional Environment

6. Best Time-Utilization

7. Practical study

8. Each topic is discussed in detail


DURATION The course is for 6 weeks divided into different regular sessions.

Tips for Ethical Hacker :

Here is a list of few tips that ethical hacker must keep in mind. Here are the things that a ethical hacker must do and the things that an ethical hacker must not do:

  • Ethical hacker must always have an approval for security analysis of the company from management team.
  • Never jump over the line of the contract or the things company has asked to check.
  • Always make changes in non-functioning hours of the company system.
  • Always take care of the companies privacy policies and never disclose the secret and essential information.
  • Never use skills for illegal purposes.

Detail of topics to be covered:

Introduction to ethical hacking and information security aspects.


  • Basic study of networks and linux
  • Mastering Nmap scanner ( OS detection, service detection and more )
  • Firewall Evasion (Firewalls are just false sense of security )
  • Hacking Networks
  • Hijacking Servers 
  • WIRELESS hacking and data sniffing
  • Packet crafting 
  • Counter measures


  • Possible threats to Windows OS and countermeasures 
  • Linux security measures 
  • Database security principles
  • Remote computer hijacking with Trojan and RAT


  • Basic introduction to “How websites work”
  • Intercepting requests using burpsuit and tamperdata tools
  • SQL injection attack and countermeasures 
  • Cross site scripting attack and countermeasures
  • Cross site request forgery attack and countermeasures
  • Remote code execution vulnerabilty study
  • RFI & LFI ( remote file inclusion & local file inclusion ) vulnerability study
  • Denial of service (DOS) and distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks and countermeasures ( a click and bang ! )
  • Miscellaneous web platform security issues and countermeasures
  • Website code review and secure coding principles


  • Projects and report making
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Final practical exam

These are all the wide range of Ethical Hacking and Information Security Topics that will be covered in 6 weeks training. If you are interested in the Course Contact Us.


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